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Fertility treatments to be supported by NSW Govt. Interview with She Society

Thousands of infertile Australians to be supported by government funding (NSW)
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Love & Guts

Brain changes during pregnancy and postpartum, especially for women In their 40's
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Low Tox Life

PCOS through a lifetime and how to optimise for type
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FX Medicine

Endometriosis: Neurocircuitry and the emerging role of trauma
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Leah speaks to Dr Lewis Ehrlich

In this 16 part series, Leah talks with Dr Lewis Ehrlich about the science of how we are physically and emotionally shaped by our mothers.
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Interview: Women in the New World Symposium in Hobart

At the upcoming Women in the New World Symposium in Hobart, Leah's topic will be 'Maternal influence of Methylation, Microchimerism, Microbiome and Trauma Transference'.
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Body + Soul Podcast

Can you eat your way to better fertility?
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House of Wellness TV

The importance of improving the health of the mitochondria with Leah Hechtman.

Male-related Infertility – Interview with Body&Soul

Male-related infertility contributes to half of all couples who fail to conceive and the average sperm count is continuously declining.