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The Clinic Room

The Clinic Room: Elevate your clinical expertise

Unlock advanced clinical strategies and techniques

Practitioner only workshops*
Next workshop: Mon 29 July 2024

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About the series

Attaining optimal outcomes for our patients demands a more nuanced approach. Every element, from the questions we pose and the tests we recommend, to the initial aspects we address and even the supplements we prescribe, needs to be meticulously considered—from a detailed micro viewpoint to the broader macro perspective.

In The Clinic Room series, Dr Leah Hechtman will introduce you to unique case studies where you will learn how she applies her systematic analysis to devise coherent and comprehensive solutions that truly embody the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and multi-integrative nature of holistic wellbeing.

You’ll learn:

  • Which tests to order, when, and why
  • Unique questioning techniques to maximise patient connection
  • The latest advancements in treatment
  • Effective treatment protocols
  • Strategies for optimal collaboration with a patient’s extended care team
  • How to navigate delicate conversations with empathy and grace
  • Techniques to identify barriers hindering a patient’s progress
  • How to identify any personal barriers that might influencing your patient care.

With Leah’s practitioner mentoring books now closed, this is a great opportunity to gain invaluable insights on challenging cases and refine your approach to supporting patients.

At each The Clinic Room workshop, you’ll receive:

  • 120 minutes of education, including Q&A
  • Downloadable resources
  • Note: if you purchase a recorded event please email us your Q&A

CPD information, per event: ANTA/ATMS/CMA/NHAA – 2 hours of learning

*This workshop is only open to healthcare professionals and/or students, please include a copy of your registration upon enrolment.
*Access to the recordings will be made available.

Dates and topics

Post-partum brain
Attachment, depression, trauma and the new post-partum brain
Recording now available.

Microbiome communication
Cross-communication and collaboration – The interplay of reproductive function and immunology
Recording now available.

Endocrinological complexity
FSH<>AMH<>ovarian function
Recording now available.

Men’s health matrix
Testosterone and masculinity
12pm AEST, Monday 29 July 2024

Endometriosis and sexual dysfunction
Anodynia, dyspareunia and the endometriosis web
12pm AEDT, Monday 28 October 2024

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Workshop information

Post-partum brain

Attachment, depression, trauma and the new brain post-partum

Recording now available

Explore the unique features of the post-partum brain. Explore the intricate processes of attachment formation between a mother and her newborn, the dynamics of post-partum depression and the potential impact of trauma on the maternal brain (both historical, acquired from pregnancy/labour or from the newborn experience). Discuss the presentation and strategies to support our patients as they reparent themselves as they parent their newborn, how the brain adapts and changes during this transformative period and the complexities of the post-partum experience.

Microbiome communication

Cross-communication, rejection and collaboration

Recording now available

Investigate the remarkable interplay between the microbiome, reproductive function and the immune system. Learn how the microbiome, the community of microorganisms living within the body, communicates with and influences the delicate balance of reproductive processes and immunological responses. Leah’s concept of ‘sharing and caring bugs’, how she recommends strategising a treatment plan for both parties and how you can use the microbiomes to optimise conception and selection of the optimal gametes.

Endocrinological complexity

FSH<>AMH<>ovarian function

Recording now available

Delve into the intricate world of endocrinology and ovarian biology. We’ll unravel the complex relationships between follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), and ovarian function. Understand how these hormones play pivotal roles in the regulation of the menstrual cycle, follicle development and overall reproductive health. Gain a deeper appreciation for the endocrine complexities that underlie female fertility.

Men’s health matrix

Testosterone and masculinity

12pm AEST, Mon 29 July 2024

Explore the men’s health matrix, emphasising the central role of testosterone in defining masculinity and promoting overall well-being. Beyond testosterone’s multifaceted functions it responds directly to and influences a male’s sense of masculinity. Low testosterone can profoundly affect the perception of masculinity and carry significant implications for male wellness.

Endometriosis and sexual dysfunction

Anodynia, dyspareunia and the endometriosis web

12pm AEDT, Mon 28 Oct 2024

In this workshop, we examine the intricate connection between endometriosis and sexual dysfunction. We will venture into the challenging experiences of anodynia and dyspareunia, which are often encountered by individuals grappling with endometriosis. Together, we will navigate through the intricate network of factors contributing to sexual health challenges in those affected by this condition, encompassing physical, psychological, and hormonal aspects.

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A note from Leah

As clinicians, our unique position enables us to anticipate our patients’ needs. It is both a responsibility and a privilege to discern trends, preempt challenges and empower our patients.

Practitioners need to understand the critical balance between science and insight. Whilst empirical data and evidence-based practices lay the groundwork, it’s expansive thinking that truly navigates the exploration of science.

In The Clinic Room workshops, we will transcend conventional lecture formats and challenge customary practices. Join me in immersing ourselves in in-depth, multifaceted case studies, with an emphasis on cohesive analysis, recommendations and holistic care.

I look forward to exploring this with you.

Course FAQs

Will I get access to the recording?

Yes, a link to access the recording will be sent out to all who register.

I can’t attend live, can I submit a question for the Q&A?

Unfortunately, to ask a question you must be present at the live workshop to discuss it with Leah.

How long can I access the recording?

You’ll have access to each workshop recording for 12 months from the date of the workshop.

How do I access the additional resources provided?

The downloadable materials will be available to download after the workshop and all registrants will be emailed about where to find these.

Are there payment plans available?

We don’t offer payment plans currently.