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How to Manage Endometriosis

Leading clinician and reproductive expert, Leah Hechtman, discusses endometriosis and how it can be managed naturopathically through diet, lifestyle and key nutrients. She explains what endometriosis is, the signs and symptoms to look out for and the common causes and triggers. Leah also gives insight into how the gut and the immune system play a role in endometriosis.

What you’ll learn:

  • A clear understanding of what endometriosis is, the body systems involved and how and when it can present in a woman’s life.Up-to-date research on endometriosis and what is thought to cause it.
  • Dietary and lifestyle factors that contribute to endometriosis and exacerbate symptoms.
  • How stress and genetics play a part in endometriosis.
  • The impact of gut health and the immune system in relation to endometriosis.
  • What the endometrial microbiome is and its role in relation to endometriosis.
  • A comprehensive overview of the recommended tests for endometriosis.
  • The key steps in managing endometriosis naturopathically including diet, nutrition, lifestyle practices and herbal medicine.
  • Natural therapies that can help with symptom relief.