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Guiding you through the intricacies of

Reproductive Health
and Natural Medicine

For Individuals

Find out about seeing Dr Leah Hechtman (PhD) as a patient and explore courses and resources to support your health journey.



For Practitioners

Advance your education and experience in fertility and reproductive health under Dr Leah Hechtman’s (PhD) guidance.




Whether you’re an individual seeking knowledge or a practitioner, join Dr Leah Hechtman (PhD) in the courses or events listed below and explore the latest insights on fertility and natural medicine to better support yourself and your patients.


The Conception Connection

Understanding & Enhancing Your Fertility

A comprehensive 6-week program

Next intake: Monday 15 July 2024

In-depth preconception care can profoundly shape both the mother’s journey and the child’s overall wellbeing. If you’re planning to conceive, actively trying, or facing challenges in your conception journey, prioritising preconception care is essential.

This course is a prerequisite for all new fertility patients.


The Clinic Room

Unlock Advanced Clinical Strategies and Techniques

Next event: Mon 29 July 2024

In these comprehensive 2-hour workshops, Dr Leah Hechtman (PhD) will introduce you to the latest advanced methods in holistic care. Drawing from case studies and real-life scenarios from her own clinic room, she will share techniques and tools for establishing effective treatment protocols.


Foundational Fertility Certification

A foundational approach for practitioners wanting to blend science and natural medicine in fertility and reproductive care.

Next intake: Tuesday 28 January 2025

This foundational certification is tailored for practitioners and emerging health students from diverse disciplines. Whether you’re new to this speciality or need to brush up on foundational aspects; this course is a valuable enhancement to your skill set. It is highly recommended you complete this course before completing the Advanced Fertility Certification.


Advanced Fertility Certification

Enhance your practice and grasp the intricate connection between fertility and natural health

Next intake: Monday 10 February 2025

This certification is meticulously designed for health professionals, or students, wanting to expand their knowledge of the intersection between reproductive and natural medicine. It bridges the latest research and integrative medicine to collaboratively redefine fertility care. This five-month, part-time certification promises to be an enriching addition to your repertoire.

About Dr Leah Hechtman (PhD)

Dr Leah Hechtman (PhD) is a globally respected naturopathic clinician specialising in fertility, pregnancy, and comprehensive reproductive health. In addition to her clinical expertise, she is an engaged researcher, published author and a dedicated educator in her field. Widely recognised for her expertise, Dr Hechtman (PhD) receives numerous referrals from specialists and fertility clinics on a global scale.

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Dr Leah Hechtman (PhD)