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Between Clinical Minds Podcast



Episodes 1 & 2 – Epigenetics and the impact on Children‘s Health  (Featuring Leah Hechtman)

We start our series on children’s health right at the beginning, way before conception….back when our grandparents were preparing to conceive. Our experts, nutritional biochemist Dr Rhona Creegan and naturopath Jane Hutchens discuss why past generational environments are so influential on the health of the current generation. Founder of the Building Biology movement in Australia, Nicole Bijlsma details the myriad of environmental exposures we face in our modern-day world, including mould and the implication for child health. Respected women’s health and fertility naturopath Leah Hechtman discusses flame retardants, the intergenerational microbiome and how we have to strike a balance with our patients, so they don’t become overwhelmed and stressed. Sydney naturopath Emma Sutherland talks about her own experience of stress during pregnancy and postnatally, and how that impacted her daughter’s health.