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ACNM Chapter 23 | HIV | Dr Janet Schloss

Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine


Dr Janet Schloss has contributed chapter 23 – HIV to Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine.

Janet has been in private practice as a nutritionist for over 20 years and has completed her doctorate at the School of Medicine in the University of Queensland through the Princess Alexandra Hospital. She has also lectured at the Endeavour College formerly known as the Australian College of Natural Medicine for over 14 years and was the Clinical Trials Manager with the Office of Research at Endeavour College of Natural Health. Janet is now working at the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) at Southern Cross University as the Clinical Research Fellow and Is still conducting clinical trials.

Janet’s main speciality is with people who have cancer, especially assisting patients undergoing medical treatment. The main aim is to assist people through treatment, decreasing side effects and supporting them through diet and lifestyle after treatment. Janet has long been involved in research regarding cancer and nutrition particularly for individuals going through chemotherapy.

Janet has over 40 publications and has a particular interest in research on complementary medicines to assist side effects from chemotherapy and radiation. She has spoken extensively throughout Australia and overseas and has a strong passion for her profession.


Facebook: Jay Schloss

Twitter: @schloss_janet

LinkedIn: Janet Schloss ([email protected])

Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine