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Love and Guts | Lynda Griparic interview with Leah Hechtman | The Reproductive Microbiome

In this episode we cover

  • What is the reproductive microbiome
  • The concept of the eco-holobiont and reproductive microbiome
  • The interplay between the various reproductive microbiomes – semen, uterine, endometrial and their role in fertility and conception
  • How we can modify, support and adapt the various microbiomes to support the healthiest next generation
  • How the reproductive microbiome influences the next generation
  • How the reproductive microbiome influences pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding
  • Strategies that clinicians need to address when treating the reproductive microbiome
  • The fascinating role of the oral microbiome and it’s link to many aspects of our health. Now this you have to hear
  • Invivo has also generously offered 10% off the Reproductive microbiome course and the Oral microbiome testing. Please visit the show notes for further instructions
  • And if you have yet to get your hands on the Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine Manual – a must have for all health practitioners I highly recommend you do

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