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True Holistic Health – Goal Setting

At the start of the year as life is getting busier, I find it beneficial to take some time out and make sure I have clear understanding of how I want the year to progress on all levels. Without goals our lives can unravel without direction and soon enough another year has passed and we may not achieve all we desire. Each year is an opportunity to reflect and let go of past habits, behaviours and challenges; live in the moment and enjoy; and plant seeds for new prospects and goals.

Allow yourself 20 minutes to complete the following exercise. Spend some time reflecting on each aspect of yourself and be truly honest with yourself. This is a goal setting exercise for you. It is something you allow yourself and you should feel able to express yourself openly.

Example goals

The example below is a summary of what most people experience from time to time. Please use it as a template to develop one specifically for your own situation.

Past Where you are nowFuture Where you want to beThe Now – Goals Changes to help you get there
PhysicalPoor fitness, poor muscle toneStrong, relaxed and healthy body with increased fitness and flexibilityIncrease exercise, enlist the support of a personal trainer, encourage yoga and stretching exercises
MentalExcessive worry about workCalm, clear mindPositive self-talk, meditation, reassess occupational activities
EmotionalHigh stress levels, mood fluctuationsRelaxed, happy, even mood, connected to joyPromote self care activities, surround self with positive experiences and people, ensure self time is met on a daily basis
SpiritualFaith and trust in higher powers wanes periodicallyDesire for a conscious life, aware of purpose and intention in activities, trust and faith felt more profoundlySpending time in nature and with animals, time outdoors and in sunshine and near the water, meditation, prayer
OccupationalOverworked and overcommittedBalanced work and personal lifePlan goals more clearly, have patience that everything desired can be achieved in the right time, reduce procrastination
FinancialFinancial anxietyGreater financial success and freedomReview budget and savings plan, speak to accountant/financial planner to assess financial position
Family/FriendsLimited social or family contactMore experiences shared with family and friends; positive inspiring interactions with othersEncourage your own confidence by being kind to yourself in social situations, make time to share your life with others
RelationshipsIf in a couple: Relationship feels static and If single: Not in a relationship, would like to meet someoneIn a fulfilling, enriching, loving union where you feel safe, loved and respectedIf in a couple: Plan your next holiday together, Share a new experience with your partner, consider a few counselling sessions to clear old issues, diarise relationship time for the two of you to spend together If single: Encourage yourself to meet new people and enrol in a class that you’ve always wanted
SelfSelf-criticism and self-judgementGreater self-love and acceptanceEncourage self-care and time for you; challenge yourself to try something new
Past Where you are nowFuture Where you want to beThe Now – Goals Changes to help you get there

Goal setting

The true definition of holistic health is a balanced and positive state that encompasses all aspects of our lives and does not ignore the importance of our inner relationship with ourselves. We all consider our physical, emotional and mental health but how often to actually reflect on how we treat ourselves? What is your inner critic saying to you on a daily basis? How much self-judgement do you harbour? Allow this opportunity to identify positive changes that you can implement for the coming year.

Goal setting is not something all of us do on a regular basis. It is important to not live blindly and remove choice from your existence. If we consider physical health for a moment, a lot of health complaints can be ameliorated or supported with simple changes. It is the conscious decision or the goal to acknowledge the complaint that allows you the choice to take the responsibility to make changes to improve how you experience your life. We all exist but it is when we truly live that life is meaningful and we can feel a sense of purpose. As the renowned psychiatrist Dr Viktor Franklin identified with his theory of logotherapy, people search for meaning in life to sustain and fulfil them.

I hope that reflecting on your aspirations helps you have a wonderful year filled with meaning, purpose, fulfilment and above all happiness.