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Gastric banding surgery

If a person’s weight has increased to a point where they are classified as morbidly obese, the health ramifications of this weight cannot be ignored. Obesity is a multi-factorial presentation that cannot be simply fixed by placing a band over the top section of a person’s stomach so that their brain interprets a sensation of fullness. At some point the physiological, psychological, nutritional and lifestyle choices that created this presentation have to be considered.

It is simplistic to tell an obese patient that they cannot change their ways, cannot be held accountable or responsible for their health choices and manifestations. Surgery has many risks and one should never enter into it lightly. Typically people are screened thoroughly and other measures attempted before they go under the knife but I have and continue to see mismanaged people pushing their doctors for a quick fix as they can’t be bothered, feel too disheartened or want to drastically lose weight by a certain date. Fast weight loss is never the solution regardless of how it is achieved. A healthy relationship with one’s body, their appetite and food is not something that miraculously develops post surgery. People need guidance, support and direction to make health changes. No one enters this life perfectly healthy or aware of optimal health choices. We all learn it as we go.

If you have had the surgery previously, do not put up with the frequent developments of depression, malnutrition and frequent nausea and vomiting. You can reach your ideal weight and be healthy and happy. If your weight is higher than desired or you have been classified as obese, connecting with supportive, non-judgemental, encouraging and skilled professionals is the best way to lose weight and reach (and maintain) a healthy weight range.