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“Dedicated to understanding the innate wisdom of the human body, I support both individuals and practitioners to deepen their comprehension of reproductive health and natural medicine, empowering them to achieve the results they desire.”

Dr Leah Hechtman (PhD)

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Natural Health



For Patients

Find out about seeing Dr Leah Hechtman as a patient and explore various courses and educational resources to support your health journey.

For Practitioners

Advance your education and experience in fertility and reproductive health under Dr Leah Hechtman’s guidance.



The Conception Connection

Understanding & Enhancing Your Fertility

A comprehensive 6-week program

Next intake: 6 November 2023

The journey towards welcoming a new life involves preparing the body, heart, mind and spirit of both parents (?). Multiple elements interplay to set the stage for optimal fertility and a healthy pregnancy experience.

In-depth preconception care can profoundly shape both the mother’s journey—from pregnancy to postpartum—and the child’s overall wellbeing, impacting their physical, emotional and cognitive future.

If you’re planning to conceive, actively trying, or facing challenges in your conception journey, prioritising preconception care is essential.


The Clinic Room

Unlock advanced clinical strategies and techniques

Next intake: 1 November 2023

Attaining optimal outcomes for our patients demands a more nuanced approach. Every element, from the questions we pose and the tests we recommend, to the initial aspects we address and even the supplements we prescribe, needs to be meticulously considered—from a detailed micro viewpoint to the broader macro perspective.

In this comprehensive 2-hour workshop, Dr Leah Hechtman will introduce you to the latest advanced methods in holistic care. Drawing from case studies and real-life scenarios from her own clinic room, she will share techniques and tools for establishing effective treatment protocols.

Leah will discuss in depth cases that include immunology, reproduction, women’s health, men’s health, hormones, fertility and much more.


Advanced Fertility Certification

Enhance your practice and grasp the intricate connection between fertility and natural health, with Dr Leah Hechtman

Next intake: TBA

This certification is meticulously designed for both seasoned professionals and budding health students across various disciplines. It bridges the latest research and integrative medicine to collaboratively redefine fertility care. Whether you are a Gynaecologist, a General Practitioner, a Naturopath, an Acupuncturist, a Chiropractor, or any other health professional keen on broadening your expertise in fertility management, this five-month, part-time certification promises to be an enriching addition to your repertoire.

Know that fertility is possible – however you meet it.

Dr Leah Hechtman (PhD)


About Dr Leah Hechtman (PhD)