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PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a multi-faceted syndrome that has the potential to be very successfully managed as well as the potential to wreak havoc on brain development, toxin-burden, weight, fertility, and more if left unchecked. Depending on age and stage in life there are different effects and challenges, too. The more you know and the more proactive you are with a practitioner who can support you, the better life is.

Here’s what we cover in this mammoth exploration of PCOS (complete with many women’s health tangents along the way!)

  • PCOS – Different types & criteria
  • Genetic and wider endocrine challenges that play into the PCOS types
  • Getting diagnosed and the niggles that should ensure you at least rule it out
  • The implication of PCOS at puberty, untreated, and what to do to mitigate the associated symptoms and risks.
  • PCOS and fertility/miscarriage risk (and the good news!)
  • PCOS and pregnancy – hot chips and toast have a logical reason but it’s not a free pass!
  • PCOS and perimenopause/menopause
  • And women’s health general tangents on pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy considerations and more…

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