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Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine


Belinda Robson has contributed chapter 19 – Downs Syndrome to Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine.

Belinda is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has been living and practicing natural medicine in Hobart, Tasmania for 16 years. She is one of the owners of Goulds Natural Medicine, a busy natural medicine clinic and apothecary in Hobart. This work involves mentoring new graduates, clinical practice, and an active role in serving the local community through a traditional over the counter apothecary. Belinda is passionate about children’s health, particularly the ways in which we can help children reach their potential through diet & nutrition. In addition to holding a Batchelor Degree of Naturopathy, Belinda has completed a Masters of Health Science (Developmental Disability) through the University of Sydney. Through her studies, Belinda has gained a richer understanding of the core issues that affect the lives of children and adults living with disability, and how best to provide additional support along mainstream services. Belinda combines these studies with her natural medicine degree to improve access to natural healthcare and support for people living with disability. She has contributed to raising the understanding of various different disability topics, through professional conference presentations nationally, peer reviewed journal articles, and now, the very first comprehensive chapter on Down syndrome to be included in a natural medicine textbook. 


Researchgate Publication on Naturopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder

A naturopathic approach to the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder combining clinical practicalities and theoretical strategies

Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine