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Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine


Tabitha McIntosh has contributed to several chapters in Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine, including Chapter 16: Paediatrics And Adolescence.

Tabitha McIntosh is an experienced and respected Naturopath, clinical Nutritionist, author, and educator, with over 15 years of full time clinical experience.

After attaining her Bachelor of Medical Science (University of NSW, 2001), she went on to pursue her passion for Integrative healthcare by completing an Advanced Diploma Naturopathy & Diploma Nutrition (Nature Care College, 2005), and Post Grad Dip of applied Science in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (Swinburne University, 2006).

Absolutely passionate about improving the health of everyone she comes in contact with, a focus of her practice is working with women, couples, families and infants, educating on the hidden dangers of environmental chemicals, implementing therapeutic diets, and guiding clients towards reaching their health potential using food and lifestyle as medicine. As a member of ACNEM, she enjoys working collaborating with other clinicians such as GP’s, Gynecologists, Obstetricians, Oncologists, and Allied health. Her compassion, extensive clinical experience, enthusiasm for teaching, and capacity to confidently communicate with other health care professionals make for a powerful therapeutic combination.

Tabitha’s resume includes presenting at conferences around Australia and New Zealand, lecturing in Nutrition at two Natural Health colleges in Sydney, International Community Health Assessment work, and more recently she felt it an honour to contribute to Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine in the areas of Paediatric Nutrition, Children’s & Adolescent Health, and Environmental Medicine.

Tabitha has also contributed to the profession by publishing her first book in 2016, One Bite at a Time, co- authored with Dr Sarah Lantz. Their informative, heart-felt, and well-researched book is essential reading for any clinician or person who wants to better navigate through the chemical maze of our modern age as well as feel empowered to contribute to the health of their family, community and the planet at large.






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