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ACNM Chapters 3: Chelation & 4: Detoxification | Dr Joseph Pizzorno and Dr John Nowicki

Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine


Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND is a transformational leader in medicine. As founding president of Bastyr University in 1978, he coined the term “science-based natural medicine” which set the foundation for Bastyr to become the first accredited institution in this field anywhere in the world. This validated that medicine which promotes health rather than just treats disease could be credibly taught, researched and practiced. As co-author of the Textbook of Natural Medicine (first edition 1985, 5th edition 2020) he helped established the scientific foundation for health promotion medicine. With over 100,000 copies sold in 4 languages, over half by MDs, it not only helped reestablish naturopathic medicine as an important part of the healthcare system, but also provided the scientific foundation for the transformational fields of integrative and functional medicine throughout the world. The innovative artificial intelligence system he created has been used in corporate wellness by 20,000 employees and demonstrated a 40% reduction in the high-risk group by providing users highly personalized guidance for what they uniquely needed to restore their health. He is now leading a multiphase research study to assess the efficacy of detoxification for reversal of the diabetes epidemic. If successful, it will change the standard of care not just for diabetes, but for the many other chronic diseases where toxin are major contributors.

A naturopathic physician (licensed in WA state since 1975), educator, researcher and expert spokesman, he is Editor-in-Chief of PubMed-indexed IMCJ, founding board member and currently Chair of Board of IFM, founding board member of American Herbal Pharmacopeia, and a member of the scienceboards of the Hecht Foundation, Gateway for Cancer Research and Bioclinic Naturals. He was appointed by Presidents Clinton and Bush to 2 prestigious government commissions to advise the President and Congress on how to integrate natural medicine (by whatever name) into the healthcare system. He is author or co-author of 6 textbooks for doctors (most recent Clinical Environmental Medicine) and 7 consumer books (Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine [>2 million copies in 6 languages];most recent, The Toxin Solution).

As an intellectual, political and academic leader in medicine for over 4 decades, he has been widely honored, such as the Linus Pauling Award by the Institution of Functional Medicine. Most recently, in2019 he received the Stanley Wallach Award from the American College of Nutrition. In 2018, he received the Leadership Award from the Integrative Health Symposium and the Visionary Award from the Academy of Integrative and Health Medicine.


JOHN NOWICKI, N.D. is an experienced medical professional and business executive with a passion for and 20-year record of accomplishment in communicating complex medical and science issues to disparate audiences ranging from patients to policy makers, academics to industry. Proven history of generating and editing exceptional analytical and statistical content involving botanical, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical toxicology, immunology, and pharmaco-/toxicokinetics for therapeutic application, entrepreneurial endeavors, academic textbooks, and peer-reviewed medical journals.

Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine