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FX Medicine’s Andrew Whitfield-Cook is joined by Leah Hechtman to give us an insight into the topics she is lecturing on at the forthcoming Mindd Forum Conference 2019 in Sydney on the 23rd – 24th March.

Leah talks us through the various forms of microchimerism and why it really highlights the significance that pre and post conception care play in the health of future generations. Leah shares the immunological consequences that are just starting to be understood in microchimerism and the possible connection to autoimmunity as well as the role of mitochondrial health in reproductive competence.

As always Leah brings the wow-factor to her discussion with Andrew, you’ll be able to hear his jaw hitting the floor.

Covered in this episode

[00:58] Welcoming back Leah Hechtman
[01:48] Preparing for Mindd Conference 2019
[04:07] What is microchimerism?
[08:12] Immunological compatibility affecting fertility
[11:55] Microchimerism and autoimmunity links?
[14:47] Is this a scientific rationale for spirituality?
[18:02] Maternal vs. paternal DNA influencers
[21:38] Nutritional & Herbal considerations
[30:14] Blood quality: investigate beyond iron deficiency anaemia
[33:38] Investigate and understand methylation
[38:07] Nourishing through diet
[39:58] Supporting the broken, worn out couples

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