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Conscious planning for the coming year

Reflecting on the past year

2012 has been an eventful year for everyone I’ve spoken to. It has brought an incredible amount of change and everyone seems eager to have a break over the coming new year period. I have not met one person where 2012 has not brought them some big life changing experience. I’m not exactly sure why it’s been like this, but everyone seems quietly reflective right now. If you reflect over your past year, what has happened for you?

Throughout each new year period, I spend time reflecting on the past year – everything that has happened, what I wanted to happen and how it eventuated. Most of all, I reflect on how I feel about what has transpired.

As I look back on the past year right now, I continue to ruminate over many aspects of my life. Many positives, many transitions, some losses (inevitably), but most of all a tremendous amount of growth and learning. I have been deeply and profoundly affected by many experiences I have shared with people. I am blessed to be able to work in the capacity that I do. To be able to work with people on a deep level and to be able to support change and the improvement in the quality of their lives. I feel incredibly fortunate as I write this. I am also blessed to be carrying a child and am acutely aware of how blessed I really am (especially given the work that I do).

I could list many things here about what I am grateful for but wanted to spark your thoughts on this to help you reflect on the year that has passed and what you are grateful for. It is easy to ponder and think of what you’ve missed, what you wished for that hasn’t happened and how you would have preferred to have seen 2012 eventuate. However, it is much for supportive for your health (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) to focus on the positives and what you have seen that has inspired and uplifted you.

A friend shared a suggestion recently that she was going to start a jar whereby she would put little notes of positives she experienced throughout the year and then open the jar and read through them over new years. Thank you Sue for this suggestion – I am certainly going to start this in 2013.

I hope that you all have a restful holiday period planned. I will be walking along the beaches of the upper north coast of NSW and hope to have a moon meditation on one of those nights as this image suggests!

May the coming new year period bring you space to reflect and acknowledge all that you are grateful for and may it help you find your centre to clarify your goals for the coming year. I wish you all much health, happiness and prosperity for now and what is to come. Imagine if you could consciously create your entire year – what would you create?

Warmest wishes,