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Vaccination is a highly controversial and emotional topic. My base recommendation with all parents is to ensure that they consider their feelings on the matter holistically.

It is more important that they determine if they would be too anxious to vaccinate or too anxious not to vaccinate rather then there be a definitive for or against.

There is nothing worse than a highly anxious parent who freaks out at little sniffles or coughs for the unvaccinated child, or one who lies in bed at night worrying that they have negatively affected their child’s development by vaccinating.

This decision is about being informed of all of the benefits and risks, and then deciding what is best for your child.

Some facts to consider: It is best to vaccinate when the immune system has properly matured so that it can process the vaccine appropriately. Preservatives used in vaccines have included mercury but have now switched to aluminium. Both are toxic to babies who are not mature enough to handle the exposure (is anyone though?).

Some vaccines are more important that others, therefore prioritising vaccinations can be beneficial. Combination vaccines such as MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) are believed to do the most harm. This vaccine injects three live viruses into a child at the same time.

In some countries, such as Japan, they have stopped using the combination vaccine because of the increased risk, and have switched back to single vaccine doses spread apart.

Mass vaccination has resulted in a shift in the patterns of the diseases, with the age distribution having changed significantly and so now increasingly occurring in adolescents and young adults (when the diseases themselves cause more complications).

When vaccinating, the most important strategies to support your children are to ensure that they are well fed and hydrated, Supplementation of antioxidants especially vitamin C, zinc and selenium are essential and thehomoeopathic Thuja can also reduce unwanted side effects.

Ultimately the most important step is to educate yourself on all variables before you make any decision and see a practitioner to help navigate and support you with whatever you choose.