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Time to detox?

The word detox is synonymous with many things, however, what we are referring to is supporting the natural detoxification pathways of the body. The key word here is support.

Let’s consider what the human body has to process for a moment… We are constantly bombarded with toxins, environmental pollutants, chemicals, modern technology and other nasties. We eat poorly, drink alcohol, coffee and other caffeinated drinks; smoke cigarettes, eat to much sugar and live fairly stressful lives. We then we expect our bodies to handle it all effortlessly and expect them to provide us with optimal health and wellbeing. Certainly unrealistic.

The principle of a detox is to support elimination and general functioning of all body systems. The idea that a detox can ‘atone our sins’ is not exactly how it all works. Toxins are all around us and are traditionally believed to cause various health problems. This overload of toxins on our system is detrimental to internal bodily processes and can lead to an increased sensitivity to other chemicals. We are all conscious to routinely put our car in for service, spring clean our home and clean the filter in our driers, but how many of us respect our bodies equally? When we detox our bodies we are improving the function of our eliminatory organs. We can’t replace them but we can help them work better.

Elimination occurs through a few main channels including the digestive system (faecal material), urinary system (urine), skin (sweat), lymphatic system (blood and lymph) and the humble liver. The liver is truly a complex and remarkable organ. It is the most important organ of metabolism and is sometimes considered the most important organ in the human body as an individual’s health and vitality is inextricably linked to the health and vitality of their liver. It is involved either directly or indirectly in all physiological processes.

A simple yearly internal Spring cleanse can make you feel much healthier, shed a few excess kilos, and ultimately help your body process and work more effectively. Beneficial, absolutely.