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In psoriasis the skin cells multiply at a rate approximately 1000 times faster than normal, healthy cells. There is no corresponding increase in the rate at which cells are shed, causing a build-up which appears silvery, lumpy and raised. The underlying cause of the problem is an imbalance in two compounds which govern the rate at which cells multiply and are sloughed off and is believed to be an autoimmune process.

Whilst commonly experienced in families, stress is one of the biggest triggers. Remember that stress can occur in many different ways – mental or emotional, nutritional, environmental or others. Allergies are often a factor and some people experience significant relief when usual suspects are eliminated. These include wheat, dairy and citrus fruits. Everyone is unique so it is essential to be properly investigated without eliminating prematurely.

People travel to the Dead Sea to help heal their psoriasis on a regular basis. The water contains an abundance of minerals especially bromine. If travelling isn’t an option just yet, walking along the beach or swimming in the ocean is helpful as is bath soaks with sea salt.

Essential nutrients including fish oils containing higher strength EPA, evening primrose oil, and cod liver oil (high in vitamins A and D) are best to provide the building blocks for the skin. Zinc and Selenium are important minerals to restore skin integrity and herbal medicines such as Burdock, Sarsparilla, Calendula and Blue Flag are traditional remedies whilst modern herbalists find much benefit with Licorice and Rehmannia.