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Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

PMS is a condition where Naturopathy exceeds all other treatment options available for PMS. To gain the best understanding of what is actually going on, the first thing you should do is track your menstrual cycle for at least two months.

PMS can be classified into one of four types according to your symptoms. These include PMS A, C, D and H. All four types are related to an imbalance of oestrogen and progesterone. We know there are a number of factors which contribute to the oestrogen and progesterone imbalance including nutritional deficiencies, hypothyroidism, impaired liver function, stress, intake of phyto- or xeno- oestrogen containing foods, sugar, salt and caffeine, and lack of exercise.

PMS-A has symptoms of anxiety, irritability and emotional instability and is especially associated with a high oestrogen to progesterone ratio pre-menstrually. It responds well to the herbal medicine Vitex agnus castus, and oestrogen clearing foods such as leafy greens and fibre.

PMS-C has symptoms of increased appetite, sugar or carbohydrate cravings, headache, and fatigue. It is associated with hypoglycaemia and increased insulin; excess salt intake, vitamin B6, chromium or magnesium deficiency.

PMS-D has symptoms of depression, forgetfulness, crying, and insomnia. It is associated with low oestrogen levels and increased breakdown of neurotransmitters, often as a response to stress. It responds well to sleep, Hypericum perforatum and vitamin E.

PMS-H has symptoms of weight gain, abdominal bloating, breast tenderness, and fluid retention. It is directly related an excess of the hormone aldosterone causing fluid retention which may be due to stress, oestrogen excess, magnesium or vitamin B6 deficiency, dehydration or excessive salt intake.