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Period Pain (General)

The most important strategy a woman can make is to track her symptoms. Often, if she can predict her symptoms she can manage them more effectively. If pain is severe it is important to investigate further.

Regular exercise between your periods and gentle exercise (even gentle stretching) when you have your period can reduce most women’s period pain. It is natural for women to want to reduce activity especially on their heaviest days, however, most will feel better by increasing activity before and after their period as it increases circulation to the area.

Most women that experience period pain will notice mild constipation before they bleed and looser bowel movements that ease the pressure as they start to bleed. This is due to various hormonal factors, however, if a woman can predict this pattern she can usually alleviate some of the associated pain.

Supplementation of B vitamins (especially vitamin B6), Magnesium and Evening Primrose oil and herbal medicines such as Cramp Bark, Chaste tree and Black Cohosh are all beneficial but need to be taken for a few weeks before a period is due continuously before relief can be experienced.

On the day of bleeding, symptomatic relief can be found by topically applying peppermint oil mixed into olive oil (or other cooking oil) and gentle massaging the abdomen. Hot applications such as a hot water bottle or warm showers or baths are often relieving as are warm cups of tea such as peppermint, chamomile and ginger teas.