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Low Blood Pressure

The human body is an amazing specimen that maintains an intricate balance of all systems and functions. Everything is kept in strict range to ensure optimal health. As such, if someone’s blood pressure is too low then it will certainly cause health effects. When we refer to blood pressure you may know that you’ll be given 2 figures for example 120 on 80. The top figure is called your systolic reading which refers to the blood pressure when the heart is contracting. The bottom figure (diastolic reading) refers to filling of the heart with blood between muscle contractions. A person’s healthy blood pressure is determined by their age, height, weight and general health. It is simplistic to say that the predictable 120/80 is healthy blood pressure range for all people. This reading is an average healthy blood pressure reading for most people.

I routinely see healthy women with blood pressure of 110/70 or even lower. The important fact is that they feel healthy and present with no health implications. There are of course those whose blood pressure is even lower or those where any deviation from the standard 120/80 produces symptoms such as dizziness, feeling faint or woozy. The classic way to assess is to ask someone to get up from lying down quickly and see how they feel. Women can often feel these symptoms after a particularly heavy menstrual period due to excessive blood loss. To be safe, it is essential to be properly assessed and reviewed to ensure that no underlying health complaints are present. Obviously if this is a sudden change in your health, see a Doctor asap.

If it’s nothing sinister, simple dietary strategies such as ensuring you are adequately hydrated with water (coffee, tea and other drinks don’t count!) to give your blood volume its basic building blocks; ensure you eat enough protein (not just animal sources) and drinking electrolyte sources such as natural mineral water, fresh vegetable juices or miso soup can give you acute symptomatic support. If you blood pressure is routinely low and your heart function is sound, daily intake of natural sea salt (small amounts) will help immensely.