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Liposuction vs gastric banding

Both liposuction and gastric banding are two very different surgical techniques that have inherent risks associated with their procedures.

Liposuction is considered less dangerous, is chosen for cosmetic reasons and can be performed with a local anesthetic (and sedation) or general anesthetic. It is a body reshaping procedure not a weight loss procedure. It is recommended to help remove localised areas of fat that are believed to be nonresponsive to diet or exercise. It promises to give you the desired body shape but warns that you can’t gain more than a couple of kilos as otherwise you’ll be back where you started. The theory is that by the time we reach the end of adolescence our body has created a certain number of fat cells and the actual number of these cells does not generally increase from then on. Following removal of this layer of fat cells, when you put weight on in the future the theory is that you’ll never have this problem area/s again as the layer of fat cells has been reduced – you will potentially however be able to just get fat all over and not just in the area you dislike. The Doctor inserts a tube into a small incision and sucks out the excess top fat. Anywhere between 2-5L of fluid can be extracted and people can even elect to transfer it to other body sites.

Gastric banding is a more intensive surgical procedure that requires a general anesthetic. It is a weight loss procedure whereby small incisions are made in your abdomen for a laparoscopic procedure to fasten a band around the upper stomach. The band then restricts the amount of food that can be consumed. In addition to the band, an access port connected by tubing is placed in the abdomen wall. This port allows for the size of the band to be increased or decreased and the band can essentially be reversed if desired. It works by creating a sense of fullness and satisfying hunger sooner. Fundamentally, this procedure is recommended for morbidly obese individuals.

Fundamentally both procedures are not akin to my philosophy of health. Neither address causative factors or consider the innate ability of the human body to both reflect dis-ease and restore health. If you are considering either procedure, it is essential to discuss all options with a trusted health professional to ensure that you address your weight holistically.