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Kids & allergies

Unfortunately some families are prone to allergies. If you or your partner are allergy prone, you can do a few things to reduce the risk but nothing can guarantee.

Ensure that you and your partner embark on a preconception health program that improves your own health, the health of your gametes (sperm and eggs) and addresses any allergic reactions present. A nutrient deficiency in the parent can negatively affect the nutrient status (and development) of the next generation. Make sure you address your immune supportive and ‘anti-allergic’ nutrients such as vitamin c, zinc, other antioxidants and vitamin D. Make sure you also know what your allergens are so that you can avoid them and reduce your immune reaction prior to (and during) conception.

During your pregnancy, make sure that you are nutritionally replete, avoid your own known allergens and support a healthy, balanced immune response. It is ideal to have a vaginal delivery and to breastfeed exclusively for at least the first six months. Continue to breastfeed as you introduce solids. If you have chosen formula, consider goat’s milk formulas as they are generally less allergenic and are more similar nutritionally to breast milk.

If you know you’re an allergic type take as long as possible before solid introduction. Don’t introduce too many foods at once, and avoid the telltale signs of allergy initiation which may present as constipation, skin irritations or rashes, or greater allergic signs. Delay the high risk allergen foods or foods you or your partner are allergic to for as long as possible.

When vaccinating, allow the bub’s immune system to adjust as this it is not the time to introduce a new food. Try to let them have a few days in between. You may notice that the little one wants more breast milk as it adjusts – this is a natural instinct. Prescribing kid’s probiotics when they’re big enough can make huge improvements as well as dietary modification and other nutrient prescriptions as necessary. See a health professional to be safe!