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Colds & Flu

Prevention is the most important strategy. Know your limits and don’t push your body too hard. Late nights, alcohol and partying, too little sleep and poor diets are bound to have an effect on your body. We often get sick simply because we are run down and have pushed ourselves too hard. Our bodies are only able to put up with so much.

The advantage of natural medicines is that they are able to improve the body’s innate immune fighting ability. Antibiotics can only kill bacteria whilst natural medicines help the body fight and eradicate the bug. If you can feel a cold coming on, there are countless papers proving that a few key nutrients and herbal medicines are beneficial. Herbal medicines such as Echinacea, Andrographis, Garlic or onion are all incredibly effective. Herbs are best taken at the earliest point possible and maintained until the infection has completely cleared.

Essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and lemon are all natural decongestants. Regular inhalations are incredibly effective at helping to breakdown mucous, improve breathing and kill the virus. Putting a few drops in a mug of hot water and inhaling at your office desk or putting a few drops on the shower floor before you turn the water on are simple strategies to treat a cold.

Nutrients such as Vitamin C and Zinc help to encourage the immune system and are best taken is low, divided doses repeatedly throughout the day. Avoiding sugar is also paramount. Sugar (in any form) suppresses the immune response and prevents you from fighting against a bug.

Staying hydrated, rested and eating wholesome nourishing foods are essential to let your body do what it needs to. Chicken soup, warm pyjamas and sleep often do more than we all realize.