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The most useful strategy for any type of arthritis is to encourage movement. A sedentary lifestyle reduces circulation and promotes weight gain – all factors that aggravate musculoskeletal problems. Exercise is important in both the prevention and treatment of arthritis as it improves muscle strength and maintains mobility. Similarly, it is important to have correct posture to avoid poor distribution of body weight, which can cause stiffness and reduced movement.

Being overweight and obese also affect the weight bearing joints as they can become irritated and stressed by having to carry too much of a load. Make sure you try to find your healthiest weight range to reduce this pressure.

From a dietary perspective, a diet rich in deep sea fish (for essential fatty acids), green leafy vegetables and other coloured vegetables, cold pressed natural oils such as olive oil and flaxseed oil and natural nuts and seeds can reduce inflammation and help maintain mobility. Avoiding refined or processed foods, excessive sugar, caffeine and saturated or trans fats is also beneficial.

Clinical trials have shown that supplementation with glucosamine, chondriotin and fish oils can help to reduce joint inflammation and swelling, increase joint mobility and help to reduce pain. Glucosamine is the building block for cartilage repair and is particularly useful for wear and tear problems such as osteoarthritis. Herbal Medicines such as Devil’s Claw, White Willow Bark, Turmeric, Ginger and Celery seed are all useful as anti-inflammatory agents that can assist in reducing pain