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Antibiotics and Acne

Of course I don’t agree that acne is best cured with antibiotics or strong medications. I can’t imagine anyone would think I would say yes to this one!

Acne is a way that your body is telling you something is wrong and masking it with medication is simplistic. It has a variety of causes and triggers and it is essential that these are considered. It can be caused by hormonal imbalances (especially androgens); dietary factors (food intolerances, poor diet or lack of water); lifestyle factors (not cleaning make up brushes, poor quality make up, poor quality skincare or abrasive toxins, poor hygiene); lack of exercise and sweating to clear toxins from the body; poor digestion and constipation; and others.

I have seen so many people of the years make a few simple changes and notice dramatic improvements to their skin. Washing make up brushes every 1-2 days and changing make up brands makes a huge difference for women. Increasing water consumption, fresh fruits and vegetables and reducing or avoiding processed or refined products. Regulating and encouraging daily bowel movements and addressing constipation. One patient starting washing his beanie more regularly and then quickly noticed improvements in his skin!

The location of the acne can tell you a lot about what is causing it. Acne that concentrates on the jaw line and chin is typically hormonal and acne on the back and chest responds quickly to increasing exercise and having a good sweat every day.

Our skin is a reflection of our health internally. I completely understand why someone would want to take antibiotics especially if the acne is worse on your face but ultimately it is better to get to the bottom of what is causing it so that other negative health effects do not eventuate.